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The impact of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami was beyond anyone's

Imagination. International Design Network Foundation (IDNF), a non-profit organization founded in 1995 to promote global communications through design, is launching a Japan Relief Fundraiser called "DESIGN SAVES LIVES".

This event will be showcased via a series of synergized events to raise funds for Japan's recovery effort, focusing on helping designers and artists who are struggling to restore their creative environments and revive traditional local craftsmanship.

By participating in the auction, you will help them recover to produce new work and you will help to save the rich local craft heritage from extinction. We cannot recover lost lives, but we can help the survivors create a new future.

IDNF embraces this opportunity to unite all people positively with whatever the future holds for our world.

DESIGN SAVES LIVES is a non-profit fundraiser that directly helps designers and artists who are affected by the Tsunami in Japan.


Our fund raising events detail is below,

  - Accent on Japan Relief

  - Charity Auction


And we are continuing to collect funds, click here.
























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